IPS Scrap Metal Solution

A simple, effective alternative to cash payments for the scrap metal industry.

Key elements for Electronic payments:

• Full Audit trail of payments

• Re-loadable E-Money products which are issued to named account (which verifies the customers identification) and undertakes full customer due diligence and 'Know Your Customer' checks required under the Money Laundering Regulations.

Benefits of the scheme

• Web based system making it quick and easy for you to issue and load cards at the time of transaction

• Instantly load from your funding account

• Fully integrated with Fred for automation of payment to cards

• Customer loyalty - add the name of your scrap yard on the line below the customer’s name

• Can only be loaded from your yard increasing repeat business from customers

• User audit trail allows you to know which staff have issued funds and how much

• Quick and convenient payment - no need for your customer to bank cheques

• Convenient for your customer - they can withdraw cash from an ATM or spend their money in store or online

• Full KYC check to add even more control

• Cardholders have full services - they can check their balance online, by phone or using our app

• Fully compliant with all banking and VISA regulations - your funds are held in a segregated account

The workings

• Company loads a float into a dedicated bank funding account

• Customer photo ID (e.g. Driving license) checked, scanned and held by you or uploaded to our portal

• Customer's personal details loaded onto the web portal - electronic KYC check carried out against passport, driving license or EU ID card

• You load the card though the system with the relevant funds from your funding account

• Cardholder activates card online or by phone - any additional loads in future are instant

• Straight after activation the card is live and the funds are available for your customer to spend

• Cardholder can spend the funds at any retailer accepting VISA or withdraw through an ATM machine

• Reloads are instant and only from the issuing scrap metal company

Want to find out more?

If you would like to know more about this solution and it's cost then please contact us:

Telephone: (+44)0151 702 0004

Email: sales@incendiaprepaid.co.uk

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