As time to market is often essential we have built a team of seasoned professionals who work closely with our clients to go through a process of:
  • Project Definition & Scope
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Project Planning (with clear setting of time frames)
  • Development & User Acceptance Testing
  • Training
  • Launch
  • Post-Live Review

Product Development Service

The development and support of prepaid programs does not stop at the delivery of a live service.
We are continually driven to improve products and functionality and see any card program as an extension of this development chain.
We work with all programs and offer support and advice on future innovation and work with all of our customers to wherever possible improve the prepaid card offering.
Services that can also be offered include:
  • Ongoing Staff Training.
  • Card Design, Sourcing & Distribution.
  • IVR Customisation & Management.
  • Website Enhancements to Support Balance Enquiries & Top-up Location Finder.
  • Ongoing Reporting (Customised to clients needs).
  • Future Solutions Development & Enhancements.

Card Design & Sourcing

We have built strong relationships with all of our card suppliers both in the UK and Europe and as such are able to bring significant efficiencies to the card procurement process.
Our services include:
  • Card Design (including POS support material if needed)
  • Development & Issue of Card Production ITT
  • Card Manufacturer Selection
  • Management of the Card Procurement Process
  • Quality Assurance of Cards.
  • Card Distribution to Retail Stores/Distribution Points.

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